Case Study: Radius Achieves and Maintains HIPAA Compliance with Avertium

Case Study: Radius Achieves and Maintains HIPAA Compliance with Avertium

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Radius was among the first in the industry to provide cloud-based radiology solutions on a pay-per-study model designed to maximize cost-effectiveness and enable customers to work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. 

Radius supports more than 1,000 facilities in 44 states and territories, including Hawaii and Guam. Over the last eight years, it has developed a reputation for outstanding service and support.

The company’s private radiology cloud platform consists of leading RIS/PACS and vendor neutral archive (VNA) software solutions specifically designed to improve radiology efficiency and patient care.

the challenge
  • HIPAA compliance software provider did not offer hands-on guidance toward achieving compliance
  • The lack of guidance had a negative impact on progress
the solution
  • Radius subscribed to Avertium’s HIPAA Certification Program 
  • Avertium HIPAA compliance experts guide Radius’ compliance team through the entire process
  • The year-round program includes a complete HIPAA risk assessment, gap analysis and quarterly touchpoints 
  • The compliance team was able to achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance with the guidance and support provided by the program

"Avertium has helped us stay on track with all of our assessments. The important part has been the regular touch points to make sure we are making progress."

Heather Burdine, Director of Operations and HIPAA Compliance Officer, Radius​
HIPAA Compliance Customer


Radius provides hosted solutions for radiology groups, hospitals and medical providers for their PAC systems, making HIPAA compliance required. The organization had used another HIPAA compliance firm but was unhappy with the level of service provided. That’s when Radius found Avertium. 

Burdine says Radius needed a HIPAA compliance consulting company to provide hands-on guidance versus just providing the software to figure out on their own. This is what they had experienced before, and found they were not able to make progress in achieving compliance. 

“What made us choose Avertium was the fact they were going to work with us to complete the assessment and not just hand us the pieces to do self-assessments,” says Burdine. “They really presented it in a way that was going to be walking us through it and being with us through the whole process and guiding us if we had any questions, so that was important to us.” 


Radius subscribes to Avertium’s HIPAA Certification Program (HCP) which includes an annual HIPAA risk assessment, a gap analysis, quarterly touchpoints and an Avertium-certified ranking of the company’s compliance status. 

According to Burdine, Avertium’s HIPAA Certification Program helped the company to achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance after other companies failed.  

The Radius team works with Avertium throughout the year to make sure Radius is changing anything they need to adjust to stay on top of all their HIPAA needs. 

Burdine says Radius’s satisfaction with Avertium’s HCP has led the team to recommend the company to people in need of HIPAA compliance help. 

“It seems to be, especially in our business, something that a lot of people still need – someone to really work with them versus them taking it on their own,” says Burdine. “That’s really why we chose Avertium so that we had someone to come along beside us and that is what has happened.” 

Are you looking for a partner to guide you through HIPAA compliance? Share a few details below and an Avertium consultant will contact you. 

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