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Comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity consulting services from actionable risk assessments to pen testing, cyber augmentation services to digital forensics and incident response.


XDR approach to managed security services with MDR, EDR, Managed Vulnerability Management and Managed Zero Trust Networking to address complex hybrid cloud environments, device proliferation and advanced threat landscape.


Deep bench of certified professionals to guide and help navigate the complex compliance and data privacy landscape including gap analysis and remediation services. [PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC 1-3, NIST and more].

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Palo Alto Firewall Vulnerabilities Discovered and Patched

Palo Alto Firewall Vulnerabilities Overview This threat report provides actionable intelligence about a series of vulnerabilities ranging in criticality affecting the Palo Alto firewall software suite. The vulnerabilities have been assigned the following CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) varies: CVE-2020-2036, CVE-2020-2037, CVE-2020-2038, CVE-2020-2039, CVE-2020-2040, CVE-2020-2041, CVE-2020-2042, CVE-2020-2043, and CVE-2020-2044. The risk

Financial Institutions Beware: New PyVil RAT Targets You

PyVil Trojan Overview This threat report is about threat actor Evilnum’s new remote access trojan (RAT) called PyVil and provides actionable intelligence on how to avoid it. The trojan is built off a new infection chain the threat actor utilizes to propagate malware. The infection chain is very complex and offers

WooCommerce Vulnerabilities in WordPress Plugin Discovered

WooCommerce Vulnerabilities Overview This threat report provides actionable intelligence about multiple vulnerabilities recently discovered in Discount Rules for WooCommerce WordPress plugin. Successful exploitation of these weaknesses could allow a remote unauthenticated attacker to execute arbitrary code. The vulnerabilities were quickly patched by the developers after discovery. Now it is imperative that

MassLogger Malware

MassLogger Malware Overview This threat report provides an overview of the MassLogger malware, the tactics, techniques and procedures used and what you can do to protect your organization. MassLogger is recognized as spyware with keylogging and credential stealing capabilities and contains actionable intelligence to protect against this risk. The malware was